Biological hacks for decreasing anxiety

Let's talk about anxiety. Fun fact for the day: Anxiety is an emotion. The APA defines anxiety as "an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure." Notice that the APA includes the physical changes associated with anxiety. It's like whoa your palms are sweating, your heart is racing, and you're breathing fast...[ read more ]

Explore who you are with these personality tests

Okay, I am the first to admit that I really find personality tests (and a little Human Design -- oops) amusing. That moment when you read a sentence that is so you that you laugh out loud? It's fun, and oftentimes insightful. The caveat I always have for personality tests is it's almost impossible to capture the complex nature of being...[ read more ]

How to talk politics with people who think differently than you

So hey, people! In case you didn't know (if you've been living under a rock; or built a log cabin in the middle of the wilderness and decided to leave society forever, for good, good bye!), there's an election coming up in a month. As partisanship grows in our country, it's likely that there are people in your immediate family...[ read more ]

How to manage doomscrolling

Let the doomscrolling commence! It happens before you even realize it -- you are doom-scrolling. What is doomscrolling? An article from The Los Angeles Times defined doomscrolling as "an excessive amount of screen time devoted to the absorption of dystopian news." (Check out this handy article about the word "doomscrolling.") Have you been there recently? Have you found yourself scrolling through Twitter...[ read more ]

Meditation: Accepting Emotions

So lately I have realllyyyyyy gotten into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). There are 6 processes that ACT teaches in order to foster psychological flexibility. One of those 6 processes is called acceptance. The goal of acceptance is to allow emotions, thoughts, and other sensations and experiences to simply be there -- rather than fight or try to get rid of them....[ read more ]

Scheduling joy to brighten your week

It's September and life still looks radically different from before the pandemic began. We are entering the phase where it feels like it will never end and days seem to have a monotonous, monochromatic feel to them. I was lamenting this fact to a friend this weekend (because I've been feeling it too*) and she had a really lovely insight....[ read more ]

A book recommendation perfect for this time

IT'S TIME FOR A BOOK RECOMMENDATION! I read All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks over the weekend and it's all I have been thinking about since I finished it last night. The book talks about defining love, and how love is an action not a feeling. bell hooks beautifully walks through the different aspects of love, and the actions we...[ read more ]

What is hypnotherapy like via telehealth?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many therapists have moved to telehealth. I am among those therapists. Despite some growing pains (aka some technology issues that were only just a little embarrassing but not egregious), telehealth has been working quite nicely with hypnosis. Why? Because in my office, clients wear a pair of headphones and so do I while doing hypnotherapy....[ read more ]

4 mindfulness coping strategies to use during a pandemic

This pandemic has created an incredible amount of uncertainty in lives. While we cannot control a lot of what's happening outside of us, we can retrain and adjust on our internal environment--in other words, how we are responding to events moment-by-moment and where we are putting our attention. Stay in the present This pandemic is forcing people to grapple with...[ read more ]

February Book Pick: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

This month's book pick is The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. James Baldwin is a black writer who wrote some seriously wonderful fiction and non-fiction at the height of the civil rights movement. I chose this book because 1. it's Black History Month and 2. because this is on pretty much every list for essential reading for perspectives on racism in America. At...[ read more ]

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