What A Typical Hypnosis Session Looks Like In My Office

You’ve decided you want to give hypnotherapy a whirl, and you’re probably have a lot of questions like: how does a hypnoanalyst (aka Brita the hypnoanalyst) hypnotize me? What sort of equipment does the hypnoanalyst use? What does a typical therapy session look like in a hypnoanalyst’s office? These, my friends, are great questions. My goal for this blog post...[ read more ]

How You Can Use Grounding to Flourish

Grounding is an umbrella term for a set of tools to reduce anxiety. (But turns out, grounding or “earthing” is the idea that an important factor in health is walking around barefoot. There’s some cool scientific research behind it. The more you know, I guess!) I digress! When a negative thought pops into our mind, our brains (specifically our amygdala)...[ read more ]

Demystifying Hypnosis Terminology

There are A LOT of words floating around the internet that hypnotherapists use to describe their practice. In this blog post, I am going to break down some hypnosis terminology that I use on my website and what each term means. I use very specific word choices when I am writing about hypnosis, so hopefully this is a helpful guide!...[ read more ]

Busting 5 Common Myths about Hypnosis

Hypnosis has a weird reputation, though said reputation is largely undeserved. To a lot of people, the word “hypnosis” conjures things like: someone swinging a gold medallion and chanting, “You’re getting very sleepy”; a diabolical therapist in Get Out clinking her spoon on the edges of a tea cup; people quacking their way across a stage. Like many of you,...[ read more ]

#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and My Story

Hello! Welcome to the FIRST OFFICIAL POST ON MY BLOG. (I’m not shouting—I’m just excited). It’s Mental Health Awareness Week (and technically Mental Health Awareness Month but this week is the BIG ONE). This week is dedicated to talking about mental health and reducing stigma around mental health issues. So, since this is both my first blog post and Mental...[ read more ]

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