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What A Typical Hypnosis Session Looks Like In My Office

What A Typical Hypnosis Session Looks Like In My Office

You’ve decided you want to give hypnotherapy a whirl, and you’re probably have a lot of questions like: how does a hypnoanalyst (aka Brita the hypnoanalyst) hypnotize me? What sort of equipment does the hypnoanalyst use? What does a typical therapy session look like in a hypnoanalyst’s office? These, my friends, are great questions. My goal for this blog post is to give you a look at how I conduct hypnosis in my office, and what a typical session would look like for you.

Before I can launch into what a typical session looks like, I need to talk to you about GADGETRY! Yes, I use electronic equipment in my office for hypnosis sessions. On my desk, I have a mixer (professional grade from a local Guitar Center), and two sets of headphones with boom mics and lots and lots of cords. I use one of those cords to connect my laptop to the mixer, so I can play pre-recorded tracks for clients. So, during a hypnosis session in my office, you’ll wear a pair of headphones and I’ll wear a pair of headphones and—depending on the session—we’ll talk through the headphones.

So, you’ve got your headphones on and I’ve got my headphones on. Now what? How do you get hypnotized? While I’m sure you wished that I used a pendulum or gold coin to hypnotize you, you actually are hypnotized by listening to a relaxation track (or “induction”) that is 10-15 minutes long. If you’ve ever listened to a meditation track, these tracks are very similar. There’s no wand waving or anything like that. It’s just a nice relaxation track that sometimes involves escalators or beaches or mountains or just progressively relaxing your body.

After I’m hypnotized, what happens next? It totally depends on the session. Some sessions we call “spa days” where you’re just listening to lots of relaxation tracks that are providing you positive messages. Other days we are healing negative messages you learned about some point in your life. It just depends where we are in the protocol.

That’s basically what a session will look like! If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me an email.

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